or why I now rent Lightroom The Sony A7III was released in the spring of 2018 and soon after I upgraded from my A7R to the A7III. Lightroom 6 was no longer being updated and I tried to continue using it by using a third-party raw (I shoot exclusively in raw format because of the development flexibility) converter. It was clunky so I started using the rental model software. Not my preference but I now realize I should have made the switch sooner. So I switched because it was easier to import photos into the Lightroom catalogue natively rather than using a third-party tool. andRead More →

Now using Lightroom 6. I saw the Lightroom 6 release announcement and attempted to purchase and download the upgrade; however, it was difficult to find.  I guess they wanted folks to move to the rental product – Lightroom Classic.  Forum members at dpreview came to my rescue with a direct link and instructions on how to purchase or upgrade the standalone version. Next, I looked at the new features and a single feature provides sufficient benefits to justify the upgrade. So, I purchased, downloaded and installed the upgrade.  The only hitch in the process was the inability of the installation process to auto discovers aRead More →

Adobe Lightroom is a digital asset management and photo editing solution.  The below presentation provides insights into Lightroom architecture and basic functionality.  A follow-up presentation in July will provide more in-depth information on topics requested by adding comments. And now for the sequel. After the Shutter Closes II cover keywording, lineage, interoperability, better black & whites, radial filters, spot removal and soft proofing.Read More →